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WaveSauce, an instrumental pulp | surf | spyfi band inspired by space-age science and technology, sounds of ocean surf, classic horror, and 60s spy films.

The ethereal Theremin, vintage guitar tone, and powerful rhythm give this band a tasty, reverbified edge that sets them apart from the rest.

Delivering unique originals, creative renditions of traditional surf, spiced with their very own spyfi-pulp flavor – this band is sure to intrigue.

WaveSauce band photoWaveSauce is a dynamic four-piece featuring:
Michele "Cookie" Heile - Theremin, Tambourine
Pete Vercellotti - Guitar
Joel Boutwell, Bass Guitar
Doug Powers - Drums


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"...The music of WaveSauce is like the soundtrack for a movie about a surfing spy...directed by Ed Wood..."   Read the entire review
- Incognito Music Magazine, Surf Music Sunday, Jan 27, 2013

"...When you hear them, the instrumental turf they tread is pretty obvious. Other citations, such as Dick Dale, The Ventures, Devo, Clara Rockmore and Leon Theremin, are totally appropriate in an attempt to capture a description of the nuances of their sound. I guarantee you will never again see those five names linked in a single sentence. It really is a weird musical world in which we dwell. And this is how weird I am, I can actually understand the relationships of those references and I think they define the parameters of this band quite precisely. In other words: Wow!"
WaveSauce Reverb DogRead more.
- SP Clarke, the Good, the Bad, the Ugly / Buko Magazine


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