Susan SurfTone Susan and the SurfTones 2

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Special thanks to Michele "Cookie" Heile (WaveSauce) for Theremin on "Rock Candy"
and to Doug Powers (WaveSauce) for drums on "Rock Candy" and "Salt Water."

Susan's latest album, "Too Far" is due out July 9, 2013.

Susan's CD's, as well as PDX A Go-Go, are available from CDBaby.


"Susan, indeed, is one of the late masters of old-style, pre-psychedelic surf guitar."
- Ron Garmon, SF Weekly

"...her light 'n' loungey style also recalls the influence jazzers like Johnny Smith and Charlie Christian had on the Ventures' Bob Bogle and Don Wilson and other early surf players."
- Peter Aaron, Chronogram

"I would honestly put her up against any of the greats, she is truly that amazing..."
- Mark Lewis, Rock Over America

"Susan has been making music that sounds like liquid sunshine since the 80s. In that time she has managed to maintain the magic and whimsy that embodied 60s surf rock while embracing musical changes around her. At this stage in the game many artists either don't have anything interesting left to say, or are content to rest on their laurels and let their reputation fuel the wave a nostalgia dollars that comes their way. But Susan has found a way to keep her music as fresh, fun and exciting as it was the day she picked up a guitar for the first time."
- Sameerah Blue, Ectomag

"Portlander Susan SurfTone (Yasinski) demonstrates enviable chops and a keen understanding of instrumental elegance... And unlike a lot of flashy upstarts, SurfTone's approach is incisive and restrained; she eschews flurries of notes in favor of a tasteful fluidity that bobs and weaves like a buoy in stormy seas."
- John Chandler, Portland Monthy (Blog)

"This is what instrumental experimentation sounded like before punk, psyche and feedback rewrote the songbook."
- Roctober Magazine Reviews

Susan and the SurfTones
L to R: Paul Barrall (drums), Avory Gray (organ)
Seana Steele (dancer), Susan SurfTone (guitar),
Dan Ferguson (bass).
Photos: Jeff Wong