Surf Weasels

Surf WeaselsJames Luther Davis is Surf Weasel #1. He plays lead guitar and is one of the principal songwriters for The Surf Weasels. James saw The Beach Boys while in 8th grade in Tucson, Arizona. He has been a surf music fan since 1963. James, "Jaime Redondo" started playing rock and roll and folk music in high school but after moving to Portland in 1981 He cranked it up to 11 with rock band The Jitters, and side project MegaNutria. Jaime and Pauli Weasel started the Surf Weasels about a dozen years ago. Jaime loves being part of Portland's vibrant Surf Scene with "all the great, fun musicians keepin' it going". He initially learned how to play some surf songs by watching Portland guitar legends Jim Mesi and Steve Bradley. Jaime is a renowned local naturalist. He wrote The NorthWest Nature Guide. Ask him about spiders and snakes.

Paul Barrall, aka Pauli Weasel, drums, manages, promotes, books, and cajoles The Surf Weasels on to ever greater heights. Jaime, Surf Weasel #1, turned him on to the virtues of Surf Instrumental Music by exposing him to Dick Dale, The Ventures, Satan's Pilgrims, and The Surf Trio in the late 90s while they played together as punk outfit The Pocket Weasels. Pauli also drums with "The Queen of The Surf Guitar", Susan, and her band, The SurfTones, and his latest side project The Blast-O-Casters. He likes traveling. A recent favorite travel experience was speaking spanish to cab drivers in Quito, Ecuador and watching Blue Footed Boobies in The Galapagos.

Sharkbait, started on bass with The Pocket Weasels when he learned to play 3 chord Ramones and Punk Rock. Sharkbait suggested The Pocket Weasels focus on the surf instro stuff they were also playing, then he left to live overseas for a couple years. He returned to play rhythm guitar with The Surf Weasels for a while until his recent move to Austin, Texas. Sharkbait mixed and mastered The Surf Weasels tracks on this comp from his own GrooveDawg Studios in Austin, while chasing away the scorpions and snakes he found there. Sharkbait is currently serving as The Surf Weasels Official Austin Bureau Chief and lead Distance Recording Specialist. When he is not chasing scorpions he plays bass for Austin area bands. He also enjoys vegan food and The Higgs Boson.

El Bajo (Spanish: Low One,) The Bass Man, The Undertone,
El Bajo was born before rock.
Not the music, the stuff they make mountains with.
As a young boy El Bajo's dad wanted him to become Van Cliburn. El Bajo astutely noted there already was a Van Cliburn and even though he took years of classical piano lessons soon learned girls liked guitar players. But his guitar playing wasn't as hot as Les Paul's so when a comely lass asked him to be her band's bass player he readily agreed. The band liked him so he began his career as a bassist for Naked Nature. After Naked Nature passed he joined up with a punk outfit, Critical Point. That ended in gunfire and so while drinking in the basement of Louis LaBamba was approached by Quarterflash founder Marv Ross who steered him to At the Tone, a new-wavey group. A conflict with the drummer over a percussionist led to the bands disbandment. El Bajo took all his money ($200) and bought a plane ticket to New York City carrying only a duffel bag of clothes and his bass. It wasn't long until he was doing session work with a series of wanna-be bands. However, one day he literally ran into John Oates of Hall and Oates and after a brief discussion was invited to fill in for their bassist to cut a song demo. (H&O later discarded the song). But soon thereafter El Bajo became disillusioned with NYC and returned home. Almost immediately he was grabbed to play bass with local music critic S.P. Clarke's Walkie Talkie. From there to Bonnie Bentley's New Creatures. When Bonnie decided she didn't want to lead a band any longer she turned the reins over to El Bajo who promptly renamed the group The Rudders and went power pop punk. Bonnie left and he grabbed 16 year old guitar phenom Ian Miller, younger brother of local blues great Chris Miller, and became Pink TV. But Ian wasn't doing good in school because of the near fame of PTV so his mom said, "move out or quit the band and finish school". El Bajo counseled him that being a rock star wasn't easy and he should have an education just in case. From there El Bajo went through a series of bands including Chelsea Rae's Rancho Notorious. Then he met up with Michael Dion and for the next decade played in a series of bands with him releasing a single, Forsaken b/w Tremor of Intent on Tombstone Records, which received rave reviews from music critics around the Northwest and gathered dust in the cut-out bins.

Of late El Bajo has been playing with The Surf Weasels and is also playing with members of The Unknown Soldiers under the name The Spiricles.

Kyle Alaniz (Verbtone) Weasel is our latest addition on rhythm guitar. Kyle "El Monstro Surfer", is a long time Portland Surf Scene veteran, founding and fronting key Portland surf instro band The Verbtones for years. Kyle has the true Surf Weasel Aloha Spirit and is the ultimate sub, filling in at the last minute on bass for this comp. recording of El NIno and Ponderosa. Kyle also plays with The Planet Crashers and is currently writing a record for his new surf band The Del-Rods. He enjoys polishing his sneakers and surfing.

Micky "Tiki" Tavi Weasel joins us on lead guitar for this recording of El Nino and Ponderosa due to Jaime's temporary medical leave. Mick is long time Surf Weasel friend and Portland rock veteran. As a devotee of British invasion, Mick was a latter-day convert to the surf genre, but has established a serious grounding . . . by picking up the business end of a Vox Pacemaker while it was still plugged in. This accounts (in part) for the kinky 'do. He is recovering nicely. Micky is the True Rock and Roll Item. He enjoys rocking harder than you, and making Sir Lawrence Olivier look like a Duffer.

Jesse Cunningham from Honky Tonk Union was the recording engineer for The Surf Weasels tracks. He is a very nice fellow. We have put his hazing on hold for now.

JaimePauli would personally like to thank the good folks at Acme Brothers Records and Michele Heile from the Nocturnal i for their role in making this compilation record happen.

Other members of The Surf Weasel Collective: Mitch "Big Tex" Gilbert (Shorty and The Mustangs, The Redeemed), Killer Keith McCarthy(Blast-O-Casters), Steve Verbtone Lewis(Apollo 4), Doug E. Powers (WaveSauce)-our favorite band :-), and Matt "Cha Cha" Plank (Blast-O-Casters).

Additional mixing and mastering for Surf Weasels track at GrooveDawg Studios, Austin, TX.


El Nino:(Songwriter: James Luther Davis)
Lead Guitar: Micky "Tiki" Tavi Weasel
Rhythm: El Monstro: Kyle Alaniz
Bass: Kyle Alaniz
Drums: Pauli Weasel

Ponderosa: (Songwriter: James Luther Davis)
Lead Guitar: Micky "Tiki" Tavi Weasel
Rhythm: Kyle Alaniz
Bass: Kyle Alaniz
Drums: Pauli Weasel