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Imagine Earth, somewhat present day. Now imagine our sun, 1 billion years older than the present time. The Red Giant phase will strike without warning and consume Earth, and for generations the collective consciousness has poured into the advancement of interstellar technology that will hurdle humankind off this desolate rock. The Outer Space Heaters is the soundtrack to that effort.


Desolate Surf (EP)



Outer Space Heaters band photoPortland Tribune, January 12, 2012
Portland's Outer Space Heaters features Chad Van Dyke and Andy MacMillan on guitars, Auston Jubb on bass and Will Veale on drums. This clearly insane quartet plays cinematic, instrumental, progressive, sci-fi themed surf-space rock, which should excite fans of early Pink Floyd, Dick Dale, Man or Astro-Man and Explosions in the Sky. In other words, given we're all about to be sucked into a giant black hole on Dec. 21 of this year (if you believe various interpretations of the Mayan calendar) this is EXACTLY the band you want playing as your atoms are ripped apart and you completely collapse into nothingness along with your foreclosed house and your latest marriage.