PDX A Go-Go cd coverPDX A Go-Go... Five bands...
ten songs...that preserve a moment in time, the summer of 2012, when instrumental surf music rode the crest of a wave in Portland, OR. Musicians are forming surf bands, several venues are giving these bands a stage and an audience is growing. Duff's Garage, the club that always gave instro surf a home, is ground zero. There's an excitement about the bands and the music. Many different directions are being explored by these bands, proving that a subgenre thought by many to be one-dimensional is anything but.

The Surf Weasels, WaveSauce, Susan SurfTone, The Outer Space Heaters, and Shade 13 offer you a sample of what's going on here on the northern end of the west coast. We hope you enjoy it and that you come to a few shows. Pick up a copy of PDX A Go-Go from any of the bands on the compilation or order from CDBaby via the links below. Tell your friends "there's a party going on here in Portland that you should know about"... come and join us.

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Various Artists: Pdx a Go-Go
Go-Go Dancer 1
Seana Steele - photo by Jeff Wong
PDX A Go-Go cover: Seana Steele, photo by Shannon Wardrep